We are proud to announce that Honeyminer, the world’s most innovative company and creator of very popular cryptocurrency mining application for Windows, Linux, and MacOS, will be paying out mining rewards in Diggy Farms™ Jars of Honey starting immediately.  

This is an exciting time at Honeyminer HQ, we see Jars of Honey becoming the World Reserve Currency, and it will happen rapidly. With bees nearing extinction, Jars of Honey are considered non-inflationary (and non-inflammatory!) assets: making Honey the perfect Store of Value. Not to mention, Honey has an amazing shelf life so it’s a great food resource should crypto winter last for decades more.

“As a World Innovator in Computing and Cryptocurrency, it makes total sense for Honeyminer to payout exclusively in Diggy FarmsJars of Honey.  The technology behind this is world class. Beehives are very decentralized, and undoubtedly a superior Proof of Work system with the Honeycomb256 algorithm.”

--- Diggy Bear, Chief Apiculturist of Diggy Farms

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To show how serious we are, we are giving away 5 special edition jars of Diggy Farms™ pure honey!  Sign up here https://diggyfarms.typeform.com/to/jNi9dS for a chance to win.

Thank you and remember to Get That Honey. 💯

Diggy Bear, Chief Apiculturist of Diggy Farms™